The Ultimate Guide To DraftKings Crowns and Dynasty Rewards

They are part of the DraftKings activity loop and work well in the current system. So, buckle up as we embark on a journey through the majestic landscape of DraftKings, discovering the power, prestige, and possibilities that come with these virtual treasures. The Crown accrual boost also applies to your tier status. As an example, say you’re currently a Diamond member, and you earn 50,000 Crowns during the month of May. The accrual bonus is worth 30% or 15,000 Crowns, so in total, you’ll earn 65,000 Crowns toward becoming an Onyx member. On the flip side, players can reduce the house edge of games like blackjack and video poker to under 0.5%.

  1. For every dollar spent on real money contests and competitions, participants will also earn one crown.
  2. Let’s journey to uncover the mysteries behind Crowns and understand how they work.
  3. There are several ways to spend your hard-earned Crowns.
  4. For example, you may be unable to use Crowns to place bets on certain types of bets, such as prop or live bets.

So why do some activities award more Crowns than others? It all has to do with the house edge of the games you enjoy. Crowns are now a unified currency across all of DraftKings. Regardless of whether you prefer casino gaming, sports, DFS, or a bit of each, all of your rewards will be stored in one universal wallet. Once you have redeemed your Crowns for DK Dollars, you can place bets on DraftKings just like any other currency.

Players at this level may also be entered into sweepstakes with a cumulative prize pool totaling $100,000 or more. The Onyx tier is the apex of Dynasty Rewards, and the rewards reflect your accomplishment. As an example, a Silver member may receive an offer for a 100% bonus match up to $50, while an Onyx member receives a 100% match up to $1,000. While the Dynasty Store offers a truly amazing collection of goods and amenities, we wanted to know if it’s a good use of your Crowns. There are several ways to spend your hard-earned Crowns.

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Players can use Crowns instead of cash to enter Daily Fantasy contests. The exchange rate is the same as it is for DK Dollars, where 550 Crowns is worth $1 toward your entry fee. Once your DK Dollar balance is wagered, any winnings immediately convert to cash and can be withdrawn, 10 4. xvg auxiliary reader via a withdrawal method of your choice. In the fiercely competitive online gambling industry, retaining customers is everything. DraftKings apparently got the memo, as it has rolled out one of the best VIP rewards programs in the space, the aptly titled DraftKings Dynasty Rewards.

As you ascend through the tiers, the rewards become increasingly majestic. Tap on the little player icon located in the top-right-hand corner of the display. If you’re already Silver, don’t intentionally play more than you’re comfortable with just to reach Gold. Some of these are rather ho-hum, while others are big enough to help players temporarily flip the house edge in their favor.

They also share the same redemption rate as DK Dollars, in that 550 Crowns can be redeemed for $1 in free credits. Also, note that a few “select” slots earn Crowns at a lower rate compared to regular slots. Some online slots return as much as 98-99%, which is exceptional (for a slot). Unfortunately, DraftKings is acutely aware of these slots and has lowered their Crown earn rates.

DraftKings Crowns and Dynasty Rewards: FAQ

There is no way to convert DraftKings Crowns to dollars directly. You get 1 Crown per $1 wagered on non-parlay bets and 1 Crown per $2 wagered on parlay bets on DraftKings. You can also earn Crowns by placing bets on other DraftKings products, such as casino games and daily fantasy sports.

Nearly every financial action that you take on DraftKings generates Crowns. However, the rate at which they’re earned varies widely, depending on the action. The better the odds of the games you play, the more your Crowns are worth. DraftKings Crowns are a virtual currency that acts as the foundation of Dynasty Rewards.

Currently, after reaching Silver status, you’ll be awarded $50 DK Dollars. The bonuses increase from there, with new Diamond members receiving 50,000 Crowns (equivalent to about $91), and those fortunate enough to reach Onyx receiving $500 DK Dollars. Dynasty Rewards is comprised of five different annual loyalty tiers, and a player’s tier is determined by how many DraftKings Crowns they earn during a calendar year.

However, players in states with more available gaming options will have greater earning opportunities and a wider array of redemption options. Imagine Crowns as the VIP pass to the most thrilling aspects of the DraftKings realm. Earned through your active participation and success in various contests, Crowns measure your prowess in fantasy sports. Beyond the welcome and Crown accrual bonuses, DraftKings Dynasty members open up a slew of other perks at higher tiers.

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Nothing special, but in fairness, some online gaming sites don’t let you redeem rewards until you reach the second loyalty tier. So getting that perk right out of the gate is worth something. Once you reach a new tier, you will maintain your status for the remainder of the current calendar year, and for the entire next calendar year, at a minimum. This is definitely a highlight of Dynasty Rewards, as most other online gaming loyalty programs drop your status after a month or two of inactivity. Given crowns affect the daily rewards tier, which encourages users to log in every day, it’s fitting they are earned through everyday pursuits users can take part in daily.

How To Earn DraftKings Crowns

Crowns in DraftKings are not just a decorative element; they’re the dynamic currency that adds excitement and benefits to your fantasy sports experience. These virtual jewels are a badge of honor and a ticket to exclusive perks within the DraftKings kingdom. Let’s journey to uncover the mysteries behind Crowns and understand how they work. All that said, accumulating 500,000 Crowns in a year is a mammoth task. We’re talking nearly $1 million wagered on slots and/or straight/futures sports bets, and up to nearly $4 million on blackjack and video poker. Once redeemed, players can use them to play specific games.

Games and bets like slots, keno, and Same Game Parlays award more Crowns because DraftKings generates more revenue off these high house-edge games. Let’s say you mostly play online slots, and that your favorite game returns about $0.96 per dollar wagered. In gambling terms, we say that this slot has an RTP (return-to-player) of 96%.

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